Defendseas, the corvette concept unveiled by Chantiers de l’Altantique in October 2014, integrates a large number of technological bricks developed by the yard’s R&D department, in an efficient and compact structure for an enhanced efficiency.

Key element of the design, the helicopter hangar installed at the ship lower part is served by a lifting platform and is enclosed into a 500m² large storage area. This one, located aft can be tuned to various missions, by means of specific mission modules, integrating launching systems: heavy RIB commando, crafts, USV/UUV drones, towed array sonar, torpedo launchers, 20ft containers, and light army vehicles.

RIB and USV launching is ensured by the stern ramp or through two side doors. A unique overhead travelling crane can launch these crafts as a davit and load container modules directly from a harbor dock.

The superstructure is crowned by a panoramic bridge with an aviation control center, and shelters operational rooms and living quarters, as well as an unmanned aircraft. Provided with a bunch of sensors and weapons, Defendseas has also the characteristics of a combat ship.

Main characteristics

  • Length: 90 m
  • Breadth: 15 m
  • Full load displacement: 3,000 t


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