Silenseas, the ship of the future designed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique

In 2018 during the Seatrade event – the international cruise ship show – Chantiers de l’Atlantique unveiled its sailing ship project called Silenseas. The design of this 200 m (218 yd) long cruise ship is based on an innovative sailing technology. Silenseas’ sails are made of durable, sturdy composite materials designed by R&D team. they are called Solid Sails. The rigging, named Aeol Drive is just as innovative as the sails mounted on it. Most notably it includes a balestron able to rotate through 360°.

After numerous new trials and developments, Chantiers de l’Atlantique comes back during the Seatrade 2019 edition with a new and improved concept called Silenseas +. This hybrid ship will, in addition to its revolutionary sails, use dual-fuel engines, thus enabling Silenseas + to respect its cruise schedule.

The Solid Sails systems was imagined and developed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique. It can be used to propel the ship in most wind conditions. Combined with the engines, it will allow the ship to travel at desired speed while drastically reducing polluting emissions as well as operating costs.

Cruising experience

Silenseas is a combination of a yacht and a liner. Its dimensions allow it to sail in the most exclusive areas of the world.

Sailing with an actual sail will be an extraordinary life experience for the passengers: no engine noise, no vibration and, most importantly, the satisfaction brought by a near “zero-emission” cruise.


The combination of Solid Sails and the Aeol Drive rig is a significant technological leap. It allows for an easy manipulation of the sail all the while remaining safe and reliable. It promises to endure the test of time and presents unprecedented aerodynamical performances. This patented system is made of composite articulated panels able to fold automatically.

The sails, combined with dual-fuel engines will represent a significant step forward in the respect of future regulations related to greenhouse gaz emission (European Green Deal).

In order to validate the sails’ and balestron rig’s performances, Chantiers de l’Atlantique started a series of life-size trials during an around the world sailing tour, as well as at scale 1/5 on a demonstrator. The year 2021 will bring new developments proving this project’s maturity which fields of application are much bigger than only the cruising market.

Main Features
Silenseas 210

Overall length

190 m (623 yd)


25 m (82 yd)

Air draft

103/57 m (337/187 ft)


23,000 GT

Sail area

4,350 m2

Max. speed under sails

17 knt

Number of cabins


Passenger capacity


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