Large-scale information systems

Big stakes for
Chantiers de l’Atlantique

With extraordinary volumes of data (more than 5 millions items described and classified for a cruise ship), various daily operational challenges and strong security constraints, the management of information systems (IS) is strategic for Chantiers de l’Atlantique. It’s also a great challenge for IT specialists.

A compendium of activities supported by an advanced IT infrastructure

The pieces of information collected, treated and distributed by the IS service affect a large variety of activities, forming a summary of what one can find in the industry.

The automation and dematerialization of information thus cover the design of complex structures, the management of production in small and medium series (for cabins, for example), the contract manufacturing and assembly for outfitting activities, as well as physical measurements and metrology.

The IT infrastructure, for its part, has to adapt to particular conditions: a heterogeneous user population with extensive document management, complex structures, and numerous remote accesses for which the network has to adapt.


The Stakes

The primary concern of IS is to support the operational function by proposing and implementing relevant technical solutions.
The strong involvement of the IS teams in the company’s various business lines is a daily reality, particularly through joint steering bodies. IT projects are thus anchored in the business cycle, and the life of the company.

Information Security

The company must combine its needs of opening to the outside world with the high stakes of protecting its data.
At a time during which remote access are getting more and more of a thing, solution for protecting and making our data evolve is a crucial concern, especially since the company collaborates with such an extended number of providers and collaborators.

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