Compliance and Emission Control

Reduction of Emission, a Major Concern

Reducing toxic emissions and bringing ships up to environmental standards are at the heart of the Services BU’s activities and concerns.

Changes in the regulatory framework, particularly concerning the levels of sulfur released in exhaust fumes, have generated strong growth in the installation of scrubbers (fume washing systems): in total, the Services BU has installed 47 scrubbers during ship refurbishment operations, since 2014.

But the BU Services teams are not content to simply adapt vessels to current environmental standards. They are also a source of proposals for shipowners to anticipate future legal changes and, above all, to think about and raise the awareness of those involved in the industry about the best ways to reduce all types of polluting emissions from existing ships.


Services BU’S Expertise
in the Sector of Emissions Reduction

Scrubbers and Particles Filters

  • Operating in an open or closed loop, scrubbers clean ship fumes with seawater in order to reduce their sulfur oxide (SOx) content to a level below 0.5% (regulatory threshold required by January 1, 2020).
  • Particule filters or SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) are also installed in the engine exhausts of ships and reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Liquified Natural Gaz (LNG) Propulsion System.

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) propulsion systems also limit toxic emissions. Ships with modified engines and tanks can use LNG as a fuel.

Ballast Water Treatment System

Being another source of pollution if not properly treated, ballast water from ships is the object of particular attention. Thanks to the installation of a treatment system, they can be purified before they are discharged into the sea.

Shore to Ship Power Supply System

  • By installing on-board shore power systems, the upgraded ships no longer burn fuel while docked (in compatible ports) and therefore do not emit any oil-related emissions.
  • With Solid Sail/AeolDrive, the most advanced and innovative solution of sailing propulsion for the large ships market, Chantiers de l’Atlantique hoist the sails of the future
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