Modernization and Valorization of the Ship

Enhance and modernize ships in service

When renovating and modernizing ships, the Services BU does not only upgrade to environmental standards or take care of energy expenses,

It is also able, thanks to its dedicated teams, to carry out major modifications in accommodation, public areas or passenger cabins and suites in terms of the aesthetics or comfort of passengers, whether it is on-board of cruise ships or any type of unit receiving the public.


This is the process of lengthening the ship’s hull by adding a “slice”. It implies rethinking the ship’s entire geometry, structure and balance. Engineers at the Services BU count this operation in their set of skills.

Optimization of passenger flows

Thanks to powerful passengers flows modeling software, engineers at the Services BU are able to suggest optimization of the passenger’s movements in order to limit the inflows at certain times and places (restaurants, theaters, etc.), or to comply with physical distancing rules in case of a viral pandemic, for example.

Cabins refurbishment

With its global approach, the Services BU focuses as much on ship propulsion systems as on on-board passenger comfort on cruise ships. Through its engineering department for space planning, the Services BU is able to ensure the renewal of cabins and to work on their design.

Genuine force of proposal, the teams also develop particularly innovative projects in this field such as the concept of immersive cabin (360-degree video projection on the walls of the cabin)

Noise and Vibration Reduction

The Services BU allows its customers to benefit from the extensive expertise developed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in terms of noise and vibration.

Equipped with the most modern instruments in the field, the specialized team at Chantiers de l’Atlantique has developed its own expertise in the instrumentation and analysis of noise and vibration pollution in order to reduce it for the benefit not only of passengers and crews, but also of marine life.

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