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Atlantique + offers a range of services, solutions and innovative systems resulting from R&D research in the area friendliness
and energy, operational management and passenger experience.

Innovations Directed Towards

Energy issues

In order to actively contribute to the respect of the environment and to anticipate future regulations, Chantiers de l’Atlantique has been working since 2007 on an ambitious program called “Ecorizon®”. This program gave birth to efficient industrial solutions.
Atlantique + offers :

  • An Ecorizon service offering, based on our proprietary, digital energy twin, which defines the optimal performance achievable for each vessel in operation.
    The ships supervised by our teams show a reduction of fuel consumption by 10 to 20%, and the same amount of CO2 emission reduction as a consequence.
  • Solid Sail, a sail-based propulsion system that can be used on both passenger ships and cargo ships.

Operational management

In this field, Atlantique + offers intelligent services and products designed to improve the performance of operational staff on a daily basis :

  • Our ScanEdit mobile application solution provides instant access to equipment technical documents. That is the equivalent of 1000 boxes of paper archives, kept within reach of the crew at all times.
  • Digit+ is our centralized solution for collecting, storing and analyzing operational data (for both vessels and substations).
    At the heart of your digital transition, Digit+ will enable you to deploy your strategy to reduce emissions, improve the reliability of your facilities and optimize operating costs.
  • OptiSHM, the “Structural Health Monitoring” (SHM) for offshore structures, allows fatigue monitoring of steel structures.

Passengers experience

Intended for bringing added value to cruise shipowners, the innovative solutions offered by Atlantique + concern cabins, exterior decks and public spaces.

  • Intelligent cabin comfort solutions, for a “smart cruise” experience.
  • Customized solutions

The markets

The Atlantique+ range of products and services is intended to serve all of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s markets.
We support our clients’ projects :

  • New works for the cruise, energy or military sectors
  • Renovations and maintenance in operational conditions
  • Providing advice during the operating phase.

A Question?
A Project?

The Atlantique + team is available to analyze your context, to consider with you concrete solutions within the framework of a long-term project or an improvement approach within the framework of the optimization of your ships.

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The Expertise

Atlantique + solutions draw on the expertise of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s design, manufacturing and integration teams, its network of partners and its knowledge of regulations to propose appropriate technical solutions. They bring the best of technological research and integration intelligence to the service of efficiency.

Innovation at the heart of our manufacturing processes

At Chantiers de l’Atlantique, we consider that innovation is a fundamental prerequisite for long-term growth. Our product and solution offering enables our customers to effectively combine profitable growth and sustainable development.

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