Guiding the Shipowner Throughout his Ship Lifecycle

The mission of the Services BU (Business Unit) is to accompany shipowners from all around the world for the modernization and renovation of their ships.

Reduction of emissions, energy optimization, modernization and valorization of ships, those are some of the technological challenges the Services BU has to face. It accompanies the shipowners from the feasibility study up to the turnkey delivery.

Involved in both the military and civil market, the Services BU is renowned for its expertise and skills on any type of ship. From merchant ships to military vessels, the BU has one and only goal: accompanying the shipowners during the entire life cycle of their fleet.

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Chantiers de l’Atlantique Services worked closely with many civil shipowners on various projects. In addition, the Business Unit formed a partnership with the Marine National (French Navy) regarding the MOC of their ships.

Projects Succesfully Carried out All Around the World

With its 7 design offices all around the world, scattered from Brest to Martinique and Papeete, the Services BU is involved by the side of shipowners and, more importantly, of their ships. Its network of more than 500 suppliers established at every corner of the globe allows it to bring all the tools and material it needs, whether it is within the frame of maintenance operations or during technical halts in any harbor of the world.

Thanks to flexibility of the BU’s teams, Services can adapt its methods in order to meet the ships’ schedules. The work is conducted either during lingering technical halts, or directly in ships in operation thanks to on-board teams, thus limiting the ships’ downtim


Chantiers de l’Atlantique Services benefits from significant assets allowing it to deliver many turnkey projects:

  • Being part of Chantiers de l’Atlantique enables it to take advantage of the company experience in terms of shipbuilding and designing as well as its project management expertise.
  • A widespread network of partners allows the BU to offer the industrial process the most adapted to the interventions wanted by its clients. These interventions can also be scheduled while the ship is operational.
  • Internal and outsourced teams of experts in all necessary domains, as well as experienced supervision teams.
  • A network of equipment suppliers, thoroughly referenced based on quality control carried out beforehand and an economy of scale made possible by the large volume of products ordered.
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The SERVICE team is available to analyze your context, and to consider with you concrete solutions within the framework of a long-term project or an improvement process within the framework of the optimization of your ships.

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Innovation at the heart of our manufacturing processes

Always at the forefront of research and innovation, the teams of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s R&D department work every day to reduce the environmental impact of ships and to integrate alternative propulsion and energy production methods.

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