Significant Assets

Completly Integrated to Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s Ecosystem

By working in close collaboration with Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s teams, the Service BU offers every skills and jobs owned by the shipyard: logistical organization, infrastructures, purchase, engineering, etc.

The Services BU rally around a hundred employees in its seven offices spread around the world. No matter how complex the projects are, their expertise added to Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s organization allows them to efficiently respond to the shipowners needs while suggesting innovative and relevant solutions

Every Size of Project for Every Naval Industry Sector

The Services BU has gained significant experience in every domain related to ship renovation and modernization. Taylor-made and flexibility are the watchwords of the teams involved in these wildly eclectic projects.

Whether it is upgrading exhaust fumes systems to standards, jumboisation (lengthening a ship by modifying its hull), energy consumption optimization or in service support, the Services BU is prepared to work on any type of ship. Container ships, LNG tankers, coastal ferry boats, cross-Channel ships, luxurious cruising ships, giant liner or even frigates and aircraft carriers, the Services BU is able to work on any type of shipyard. It benefits from a reputation for excellence in both the civilian and the military sectors.

A Network of More than 500 Historical Suppliers

The teams working at the Services BU rely on an ecosystem of more than 500 suppliers and subcontractors. Some among them are also involved in brand new constructions on account of Chantiers de l’Atlantique. These suppliers and subcontractors cover every area of expertise necessary. They know every valve and master every technology requiered, such as LNG propulsion systems.

Located all around the world, this dense network of suppliers allows the Services BU to meet the shipowner’s the most demanding needs at any time, any place.

The longevity of these partnerships is a real guarantee of quality regarding the supplied equipment. Indeed, a historical and genuine trust agreement formed over the years between the Services BU and its network of suppliers.

As a key player in the local industrial sector, the Services BU favors local suppliers and subcontractors as much as possible. Regarding the military part of the work, 60% of the suppliers working on the Toulon base are from the surrounding region, and 30% of the suppliers working on maintenance operations in Brest are from Brittany. This politic is strengthened even more for the operations performed in France’s Overseas Departments and Territories.

For every civilian ship renovation or modernization, the Services BU works first and foremost with French companies, and even more so with companies from Pays de la Loire. 35% of the civilian suppliers are located in Pays de la Loire.

Exceptional Engineering Ressources

The Services BU relies on Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s study office, which gathers more than 600 engineers and technicians, thus providing every necessary field of expertise.

Assisted by powerful simulation and designing software, the engineers and technicians work in many domains such as the hull design, the ship’s structure or the electrical circuits making, as well as 3D modeling, premises arrangement, ship’s stability, hydrodynamic or the ship’s energy performances.

With its ability to accommodate to any situation, the Services BU can deploy a team prepared for anything, at any time, in accordance with the project nature and importance.

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One of the Largest Integrated Design Office in France

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Total Support Throughout the Project

With both project management and contracting skills, the Services BU is the shipowner’s only interlocutor. It accompanies them from the start of the project until the turnkey delivery.

By being a creative force alongside the shipowners, the Services BU combines many fields of expertise:

  • Studies prior to the project’s initiation
  • Works modeling
  • Anticipation of fleet modernization solutions
  • Supplying of needed materials
  • Logistic organization
  • Management of the teams both on-board and in dry dock
  • Work progress supervision
  • Compliance and deadline supervision
  • Technical guarantee and after-sale service once the project in completed.
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