Optimization of the Ship

Energy Audits

With the help of engineers from the Atlantique+ Ecorizon program, the Services BU carries out energy audits of existing ships in order to help shipowners limit their fuel costs as well as their polluting emissions.

The teams go beyond the simple audit and make recommendations on the equipment to be modified to limit energy expenses. Depending on the shipowner’s choices, the Services BU takes care of the installation of this new equipment, the adjustments and the in situ tests.

Energy Cost Simulation System

With the help of a digital twin, engineers are able to simulate in real conditions all the energy expenses of a ship, both those related to propulsion and those related to the comfort of passengers.

Beyond data collection, the strength of the Services BU lies in the human support of the teams. By preparing the crew on board to the changes in usage and and training them to the good practices, they can get closer to the theoretical optimal operation of the vessel.

Summary: 5 to 10% of savings achieved.

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