Pourquoi pas ?

Chantiers de l’Atlantique is the reference shipyard in terms of complex ship, but it is also famous for its activity in the market of heavily specialized ships. Over the years, several units were built by the French shipyard. Those include the Pourquoi pas ? (which translates to Why not?), delivered to Ifemer in 2005.

Pourquoi pas ? is a multipurpose scientific ship carrying out missions of oceanography, coastal and high-sea hydrography, seismic measurements as well as coastal and high-sea coring. It also boards the necessary equipment to analyze water, living matter, sediments and rock samples. Lastly, it is able to deploy submarine intervention machines allowing, among others, to set heavy sensors near the sea bottom or send assistance systems to struggling submarines. With this ship – as well as with its predecessors, Beautemps-Beaupré, delivered to the Marine Nationale and Thalassa, also delivered to Ifemer for halieutics studies – Chantiers l’Atlantique puts its expertise in the service of scientists and provided them with high-quality tools.

Main Features
Pourquoi pas ?


107 meters (351 feet)


29 meters (95 feet)

Scientist team

40 persons


64 days traveling at 11 knots

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