MSC World Europa , MSC World America

The MSC World Class series ships are the fifth one ordered by MSC Cruises to Chantiers de l’Atlantique. The first two ships of the series, for which the order was announced in May 2017, plus the potential two additional ships announced in January 2020 will increase the number of MSC Cruises ships built by Saint-Nazaire Shipyard to 21. Those four ships should be delivered one after another between 2022 and 2027. MSC Europa, the first of this new series to be delivered, will be the largest ship ever built for a European shipowner. It will be equipped with all the latest technologies to offer the passengers an unprecedented cruising experience

One of the most noticeable features of these ships is their Y-shaped architecture, which offers a large outdoor promenade ending on the back patio where any passenger can enjoy the stunning view upon the sea. More than 15,000 m² (161,000 ft²) are dedicated to outdoor spaces. General comfort has also been extensively studied and optimized, notably thanks to the stem designed for better seakeeping. Accommodation-wise, the passengers are offered a wide variety of choice, with 2,630 cabin including 16 suites, 65 % of which have balconies. Public area will cover a 39,000 m² wide area.

From a technological standpoint, the ships of this series will all be equipped with a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion system.

This represents a major milestone in the reduction of polluting emissions as the MSC World Class ships are the least emitting ships of the entire cruise industry*. Indeed, the usage of LNG will reduce the SOx emission by 99 % and the NOx (nitrogen oxides) by 85 %. Finally, a revolutionary project called PACBOAT will put to trial on the MSC Europa with the integration of a demonstrator for a new generation, 50 kW fuel cell.

* Based on EEDI index in grams of CO2 per nautical miles and gross tonnage.

This project is supported by ADEME’s PIA (Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir – Investment Program for the Future).

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Main Features

Overall length

333 meters (1,082 feet)

Maximum Width

47 m (155 ft)

Water draft

9.15 m (30 ft)

Gross tonnage


Max. speed

21.8 kn

Number of cabins for passengers

2,632 cabins

Passengers capacity

6,774 passengers

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