Mistral Class BPC

Designed and built in partnership between Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Naval Group (formerly DCNS), the Projection and Command Ship (PHI – Porte-Hélicoptères d’Intervention) are multipurpose military ships. They served various goals such as the ones of amphibious ships, helicopter carriers, command posts and hospital ships.

During the missions it assigned to, a PHI is able to deploy mechanized forces on land, through an apron, as well as both sea and land surveillance or assault aerial units. It also provides logistic support to an entire naval group and can be deployed during humanitarian missions. The onboard hospital is 750 m² and is equipped with 20 rooms, including two operation rooms and one radiology room. It contains 69 beds and a field hospital, equipped with modular equipment, can be set up in the helicopter hangar, thus adding 50 more beds.

The PHI range can be adapted to fit the specific needs of the Marines.

Main Features


199 meters (650 feet)


32 meters (104 feet)

Fully loaded tonnage

21,500 t


160 crew member (complement) – 450 passenger capacity

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