Logistic Support Ship

Signed in January 2019, the order for four Logistic Support Ship (LSS) destined to the Marine National (French Navy) brings the “grey ships” back at Chantiers de l’Atlantique, nearly three years after the last Projection and Command Ship left Saint-Nazaire.

The mission of Logistic Support Ships (LSS) is to resupply every other ships of the Marine National both in terms fuel for the aircrafts and general freight. The transfers are made thanks to cables, extended between two side by side units, working similary to ziplines. They are also able to resupply ships stationned on various intervention locations. Thus, their role is to support the logistics of squadrons operating mainly under the commande of an aircraft carrier. In addition, thanks to the workshops they are equipped with, they can take care of various maintenance operations.

The order, notified on January 2019 to Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Naval Group, includes four Logistic Support Ships as well as their in service support for the six first years. Regarding the division of responsibilities on this project, Chantiers de l’Atlantique will be in charge of the whole structure and the propulsion system. Naval Group will handle the weapon, communication and artillery systems, as well as the aircraft related equipment.

The machining of the first unit started in November 2020 and the outsourced section will arrive at Saint-Nazaire shipyard in July 2021. Deliveries will be spread between 2022 for the first unit and 2029 for the last one.

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Main Features
Logistic Support Ship

Fully loaded tonnage

31,000 t

Overall length

194 meters


27.60 meters

Carrying capacity

190 persons including 130 crew members

Gross tonnage

28,700 TJB

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