Floréal Frigate Class

The Mohammed V series frigates carry out military missions – surveillance of maritime spaces, presence, patrolling and protection of national interests – as well as public service missions – assistance, search and rescue, medical evacuation and contribution to environmental protection.

Main features:

  • Propulsion: 2 shaft lines, controllable pitch propellers and 4 Diesel engines (9,600 HP)
  • Detection WM28 system, 2 Litton radars, 1 Litton helicopter collection radar
  • Navigation Heading and vertical control unit Litton, gyro Litton, Loch Ben, auto pilot, GPS, sounder (Litton)
  • Transmissions: Conventional HF, VHF, UHF links
  • Weapons: WM 28 combat system, 2 MM38 missile booms, 76 m/m Oto Melara gun + 20 m/m guns, Najir fire control.

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