Substation Arkona

One of the largest offshore electrical substation

Atlantique Offshore Energy manufactured the electrical substation for the Arkona offshore windfarm, operated by E.ON and Statoil in the German Baltic Sea. With its 385 MW, it remains to this day one of the largest electrical substation ever built

On this contract, Atlantique Offshore Energy was in charge of the design, the studies and the manufacturing of both the substation and its jacket type foundation. The installation was also prepared and supervised by the teams at Saint-Nazaire shipyard. Beside the technological achievement that is worth mentioning, it was also a first of its kind feat for a French company. Finally, all these services are completed by the commissioning of the installations and their maintenance.

At the cutting edge of technology, this substation provides enough power to provide 400,000 household and is highly reliable. Among other concerns, it was designed to make maintenance operations as easy as possible.

See the Substation Sheet See the Substation Sheet
Main Features

Power supplied

385 MW

Weight of the Jacket:

1,800 t

Height of the Jacket:

50 x 20 x 20 m (165 x 115 x 72 ft)

Weight of the Topside:

4,100 t

Height of the Topside:

35 x 50 x 15 m (165 x 115 x 72 ft)


Delivery date:

March, 1st 2018

Departure date:

March, 22nd 2018


April, 8th 2018

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