Electrical Substation
for the Offshore Wind Farm of
Gode Wind 3

In February 2021, Atlantique Offshore Energy was selected by the company Ørsted to take care of the whole engineering process, the procurement, the construction (EPC) and the commissioning of the offshore electrical substation (both the topside and the Modular Support Frame) for the offshore wind farm of Gode Wind 3. It ought to be installed in 2023 in the German North Sea.

The 242 MW substation will be designed and built in Saint-Nazaire. It will collect and export the electricity produced by the offshore wind turbines through dedicated underwater cables. Its goal is also to remotely control and monitor the exploitation of the offshore wind farm.

While subject to Ørsted’s final investment decision, this contract remains a significant sign of trust coming from the world leader in offshore wind farms towards AOE teams. This trust is a proof of the success of the commissioning of the Wesermost Rough Electrical Offshore substation back in 2014. It also shows the capabilities of the company to deliver turnkey projects, as it is the first offshore electrical substation Ørsted entrusts an external manufacturer with within the frame of a complete EPC program.

This new order intended for export confirms the dynamic of the European market as well as Chantiers de l’Atlantique leading position on said markets. This project brings the total power of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s substations near to 1.8 GW, i.e. twice as much as five years ago.

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