Defendseas, the concept of corvette unveiled in October 2014 by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, includes numerous technological bricks, developed by the shipyard’s R&D department, in a compact and high-performance architecture for a better operational efficiency.

The helicopter hangar is the key element of this concept. It is located on the lower part of the ship and is accessed by an elevator system, thus offering an gain of space inside the superstructure. This hangar is part of a large, 500 m²(5380 ft²) modular area located at the rear of the ship. It can be reconfigured in accordance to the mission and hold heavy commando craft, 20 feet containers and/or light military vehicles. The RIBs are launched through either a ramp at the rear of the ship or two plating doors. A one-of-its-kind overhead crane is used to launch the crafts and to load containers directly from a dock.

The superstructures, topped by a panoramic footbridge with an integrated Avia PC, house the living and operational premises and storage for an aerial UAV. Finally, Defendseas is designed to hold a whole range of weaponry and sensors, making it an actual battleship.

Main Features


90 m (295 ft)


15 m (49 ft)

Full load displacement

3,000 t

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