Reference designer and builder of complex ships, Chantiers de l’Atlantique once more showing its innovation leadership by presenting a trend-setting Expedition ship concept named ULYSSEAS. With this concept, Saint-Nazaire yard is setting new standards for high luxury explorations cruises.

Ulysseas is a small size cruise ship, able to host 200 passengers. Her dimensions enable her to explore easily remote locations while being environmental friendly thanks to the implementation of Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s Ecorizon® program. Energetically efficient Ulysseas offers to her passengers immersive experience within the surrounding nature, by means of large open decks as well as large glazed surfaces in the observation lounges and accommodation spaces. The cabins, with her innovative design and integrated balconies, highlight such experience. Exploration and aquatic activities have been carefully designed both in terms of comfort and safety.

Ulysseas’ unique facilities include excursion RIB transfer sheltered inside the ship, as well as on board helicopter and a marina for aquatic activities in warm waters. Last but not least, various recreational spaces such as open/close solarium and spa/fitness complete the activities offered to the passengers for a thourough unique cruise.

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