Mistral Class LHD

Delopped in partnership with Chantiers de l’Altantique and Naval Group (formerly knowned as DCNS), Landing Helicopter Dock and Command Vessels are multipurpose ships operating as amphibious ships, landing helicopter docks, command ship and hospital ship.

In the framework of her missions, the LHD is able to insert mechanized forces on land, to project air power against naval and land targets, to support logistic to a naval force and amphibious group and to intervene for massive human relief operations. The 750 sq.m hospital is fitted with 20 rooms among which 2 operating rooms ans 1 x-ray room. Its 69 beds capacity can be increased with 50 additional beds installed in the helicopter hall fitted as a field hospital with modular equipment.

The class could be adapted to the specific requirements of each navy.


Main characteristics


  • Length: 199 m
  • Breadth: 32 m
  • Full load displacement: 21,500 t
  • Complement: 160 crew – 450 passengers