Edge Class Ships

Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Beyond M34 and N34

Confirmed in December 2014 by RCCL, the order for the Edge Class ships is for a series of five units, with deliveries scheduled in the fall of 2018 for Celebrity Edge, the first of the series, and in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for the next three.

With this order, Chantiers de l’Atlantique confirms its ability to build ships at the cutting edge of innovation, representing excellence in terms of design.

Among the many innovation, the “Magic Carpet” is one of the most attractive. It is a climbing platform installed on the hull of the ship that transforms itself according to the time of the day and the deck where it is located. It can tune into a marina, a bar, an extension of the pool deck or a restaurant. Depending on the configurations, it will be able to accommodate about a hundred people on a space equivalent to that of a tennis court.

Another remarkable innovation is the new cabin concept, made more spacious with the integration of the terrace area into the total cabin surface.

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Main Features


306 m (1,000 ft)


39 m (127 ft)


130,818 UMS

Passenger capacity

3,405 passengers

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