Arkona Electrical Offshore Substation

Atlantique Offshore Energy designed, manufactured and installed the Electrical Offshore Substation required by E.ON and Statoil to operate Arkona Offshore Wind Farm in the German Baltic Sea. With a power output of 385 MW, it is one of the biggest Electrical AC Offshore Substation ever built.

With this contract, Atlantique Offshore Energy led the Design, the Engineering studies, the Manufacturing and the Load-Out of the topside with its Jacket type foundation. The Installation of the Substation has been prepared and supervised by our teams, also in charge of the Commissioning and the Maintenance of the equipments.

Based on leding-edge technologies, the Electrical Offshore Substation can theoretically supply around 400,000 households with Renewable Energy. Its design considered the Operation and Maintenance constraints of the Substation at a very early stage while complying with strict Reliability Standards.

Main Features

  • Power: 385 MW
  • Jacket (weight, including 4 piles): 1,800 t – 52 x 22 x 22 m
  • Topside: 4,000 t – 35 x 50 x 16 m
  • Main Steps


Delivery: 1st March 2018

  • Sail-Away: 22th March 2018
  • Installation: 8th April 2018