Already 1GW transmitted by our substations

The substations built by Atlantic Offshore Energy now transmit 1 Gigawatt of electricity produced by European offshore wind turbines

With the recent completion of the Arkona offshore wind farm installation for the clients E.ON, Equinor and 50Hz, the three electrical substations designed by Atlantic Offshore Energy (the Chantiers de l’Atlantique marine energy business unit) are now able to relay 1,000 MW of decarbonated electricity produced by 150 offshore wind turbines, equivalent to the consumption of one million homes.

“We are proud to be a leading player in the European energy transition,” said Frederic Grizaud, Director of Atlantic Offshore Energy. “We now want to play an important role in France and continue our efforts in export, where we have already recorded a volume of orders representing more than 200 million euros.”

In addition to the substation built for the Arkona wind farm in the Baltic Sea (Germany), Atlantic Offshore Energy conducted the studies, construction and installation of the Westermost Rough Offshore Park Substation for Dong Energy (2014), and Rentel (2018), both in the North Sea (Great Britain and Belgium).

The electric substations are key elements for the exploitation of wind farms at sea. These structures, with a weight often exceeding 2000 tons, make it possible to transform the electricity produced by the wind turbines to sometimes transfer it to up to 100 kilometres away to the land. They also serve as relays for remote control of the park. Fully automated, they are designed to withstand an extreme maritime environment and allow the easiest possible maintenance.

Philippe Kasse
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