Chantiers de l’Atlantique, has developed in 2018 a new sailing cruise vessel series, named Silenseas. Designed to offer passengers the exclusive experience of gliding effortlessly and silently over the seas it incorporates a revolutionary custom engineered sail system, while proposing all amenities available on a luxury cruise ship. Taking benefit of further development and tests, Chantiers de l’Atlantique come back in 2019 with an evolved concept called Silenseas +.


Silenseas+ is a hybrid cruise ship that uses both sailing propulsion and dual-fuel engines to keep the vessel on schedule. The Solid Sail® system, invented and developed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique can propel the ship in most wind conditions, and the sails will continue to assist even when the propellers are needed to maintain speed, allowing significant reductions in emissions and operating cost.



Silenseas is a combination of sailing yacht and passenger ship offering the same passenger experience as larger cruise ship, with dimensions enabling to visit the most exclusive destinations around the world.



Thanks to the largest single sail by area in the industry, and the latest energy efficient technologies, Silenseas+ can cruise without emissions. The vessel can operate under sail only for wind speeds above 15 knots and true wind angle above 50°.


Solid Sail®

The Solid Sail® propulsion system is a breakthrough solution for wind-powered vessels, bringing simplicity, reliability, longevity and excellence in aerodynamic performance. This patented sail solution is made of several composite panels hinged together to allow for automatic folding. Solid Sail® has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing and sea trials, and there is no size limit for this innovative technology.


Main characteristics

Silenseas 190 Silenseas 210
Length overall 190m 210m
Breadth moulded 24m 25m
Air draught 103/57m 103/57m
Gross tonnage 16,000 GT 23,000 GT
Sail area 4,350m² 4,350m²
Max speed under sail 17kts 17kts
Staterooms 150 150
Passengers 300 300

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